How To Develop New Wireless Charger From Zero ?

Develop a new wireless charger can be a challenge but yet with the highly potential returns, it well deserves the investment. TopWirelessCharger has been a professional Wireless Charger Manufacturer for a long period, back from 2015 when the wireless charging just emerge in the market. We have years’ exeprience for both OEM and ODM production, we can be your right partnr for new wireless charger and we are happy to share some of our views and insights.

Successfully develop a new wireless charger need going through several key steps. The first and priority is having a great and really functional idea for what the new wireless charger will be. Typically there are following types of wireless charger you may consider developing.

  • Single Wireless Charger Pad / Wireless Charger Stand
    Fast Wireless Charger Stand

    A simple wireless charger was continiously the best seller and will be always the top selling wireless charger device. There are many wireless charger pad / stand, but still we have something to do with, to make our new wireless charger stand out. Design and Material are the best part we can do. A combined design will be great, for example a simple round wireless charger, using CNC aluminium for the base, on the surface use Genuine Leather or Real Natural Wood / Bamboo. This combination will make our charger looks high end and luxury. Pls always bear in mind, people still like the basic simple items, so try to hide away from weird idea.
    Our suggestion in one sentense – Create a New Wireless Charger in Round Shape with some creative new materials.
  • Dual Wireless Charger Pad / Triple Wireless Charger Station
    Cartoon Wireless Charger

    There are more and more devices supporting wireless charging, especially for the Apple funs. You can easily have iPhone ( start from iPhone 8, compatible with wireless charging ), Airpods, iWatch and now the Apple Pens. So a single wireless charger pad / stand is not enough for one time charging. Dual Wireless Charger Pad / Triple Wireless Charger Station ( or called 3-in-1 Wireless Charger ) can be the very best solution, and it also turns out to be hot selling models from our experience, or if you check Amazon best selling list, you will see multi Wireless Charging device sells in big volume. So create a new wireless charger pad or 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Station can be fruitful if you do it right. Following are our suggestions on how to create a successful wireless charger station.1) Pls make sure your idea is simple and classical.
    Avoid from weird idea, just design a simple rectangular charger pad / station with straight edges or round edges, it looks beautiful enough. Do not design it bulky or with any strange bumps. A clean & classical looking charger can be always welcome by users.

    2) Try to use some new materials.
    Not only the traditional ABS plastic which need mold opening ( usually start up cost from 3000 USD ), but also CNC Aluminium / Natural Wood Bamboo / or even Pocelain can be our option to form the new wireless charger. The same as single wireless charger pad, a combined material will make your idea pop out and looks luxury.

    Wood Wireless Charger Pad

    3) Learn from others.
    There are really huge collections of wireless charger available in the market, so check around and try to have some inspiration. We also have lots of Wireless Charger for your reference, you may check around.

  • Enable The Normal Stuff With Wireless Charging Function
    This can be very creative if you do it right. Up to now we have wireless charger LED Lamp, wireless charger alarm clock, wireless charger pen holder, wireless charger bluetooth speaker. We also did a project, embed our wireless charging unit into a car media player. So what’s other items you may think of ? Always remember, wireless charging units can be easily built inside any flat surface, and area do not need to be big. TopWirelessCharger are here to help as a professional manufacturer for wireless charging module. Just talk with us if you want further assistance.

    Bluetooth Speaker With Qi Wireless Charger

When we create new wireless charger, the other important factor is build suitable PCBA to fit in the housing case. To make successful wireless charger project, pls be sure you talk with us before you build the product idea. Some of the module, especially the Dual Wireless Charging or Triple Wireless Charging are bigger size, so make sure the frame area left for wireless charging module is space enough. Single wireless cahrging unit can be easy because its wireless charging unit is smaller size, it can be more flexible.

Wireless Charger Module

A final thing, when we create new wireless charger, the testing and certificate is important, based on different markets. Usually Rohs, CE, FCC are the basic requirement for US, EU market. For South Korea, KC is needed, and for some higher requirement, Qi Certificate is required. We are all here to help with. We have made up to now nearly hundred copys of CE, Rohs, FCC certificates. For KC and Qi certification, we are also very experienced, with our partner company who can make it easy and smooth.

So are you ready to develop new wireless charger ? If you have idea, you may contact us and let’s talk. Design create values, good luck.