ABS Plastic Wireless Chargers For OEM / ODM

ABS plastic is the widely used material when it comes to manufacture of consumer electronics. ABS material has great feature of Being Consistant, Low Cost & Long Lasting Quality. Due to this reason, most Wireless Charger are also made from ABS, injection by different type of molds. In the consumer electronics industry, or even for any other industry, there are commonly two type of products existing, one is Public Mold model, the other is Private Mold models. Through out times, the gap between public molds and private mold may become blur or finally disappear. We can easily see many copies come out when one of the Private mold product become hot selling. Thus, competition become more and more heavy, finally pushing privately designed item into some kind of everywhere models... Although original mold designer / patent holder can use Law weapon to fight against the follower, still it is not easy, beacause it spends lot of energy, and one or another new player may come out even we get some of them beated.

This is the story of the industry, and we have to get used to it. The most effective solution may be, continue investing on the new design and let the follower lag behind. ABS plastic Wireless Charger can be dinamic with large variety, you can check our existing Wireless Charger Products or just go ahead design your owns. The new mold opening have been very mature since long years' development, the cost also go down. TopWirelessCharger connects with the major mold player in the industry who are very familiar with Wireless Charger molding. This enable us to have our new idea become into real productionable unit in some short period and highly economic costing.

Either you are going to make new Wireless Charging Pad, Wireless Charger Stand, Dual Wireless Charger or Triple Wireless Charger, we have experienced solution for you. Just Contact Us today and let's talk more about your idea.


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