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As a professional Magnet Wireless Charger Factory Supplier, we offer Magsafe Wireless Charger, Magsafe Charger Stand, Magnetic Car Wireless Charger, and also the convenient MegSafe Wireless Charger Power Bank. Check below models of our collects. We welcome OEM / ODM order. Feel free contact us and let us know how we can help you !

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Features of Magnet Wireless Charger

TopWirelessCharger keep innovation on the technology and have been a Magnet Wireless Charger Manufacturer since iPhone introduced this cutting edge feature. Just along with iPhone 12 sereies smart phone launched in the market, the Magnet Wireless Charger, also called MagSafe Wireless Charger raise the Charging experience to a brand new level. As we know, during Wireless Charging, sometimes it's not easy to find the sweet point between Transmitter Coil and Receiver Coil, thus the charging experience can be sucraficed if two coils alignment is not good enough. Wireless Charging efficiency is highly depended on the position. The ideal way is put the smart phone directly in the center of charger pad. With the help of Magnetic system, it is easy to achieve the goal.

Magnet Wireless Charger / MagSafe Wireless Charger utilize a circle ring of Manget unit within the chargers. Usually just outside of transmitter coil, with inner diameter of 46mm, and outside diameter of 54mm, width 8mm. This magnet exactly rehearse with the inner magnetic ring built inside the iPhone 12 and later series. So during transmitter coil and receiver coil, there are two set of megnetic rings, attached each other to the sweet point before power transfer start. This is the best ever solution during Wireless Charging industry. We can expect more and more device will follow this trend, making wireless charge more easily.

Magsafe Wireless Charger is great, but due to its small size and featured just as a magnetic pad, an extra MagSafe Wireless Charger Stand will be great Must-Have accessory. The aluminium charger stand fit exactly for Magsafe Wireless Charger, instantly change a charger pad into a charger stand, by so, function great as a support mount while remain the fast wireless charging speed. Check around our collection, you will find the right model for your brand or promotional project.