Wireless Charging Stand

TopWirelessCharger has been a Wireless Charging Stand Manufacturer from very early time. The first Charger Stand model introduced into the market was called Q740, a dual coil wireless charger stand with 10W max working rate. Since then, the Wireless Charging Stand market have exploded. Compared with a typical Wireless Charging Pad, the charger stand have great feature sitting as a support stand besides basic charging, so people can still check their message or surf the internet while charge their phone wirelessly.

Normally, we can use two directions when we put the phone on the stand for charging, either Vertical or Horizontal. Inside the stand, a Dual Wireless Charging Coil PCBA will be used, enable more charging flexbility. There are still in some case, due to budget control, especially for Promotional Wireless Charger orders, client may need only Single Charging Coil solution. This will substantially reduce the cost, although people can use this kind of stand at only one direction, Vertically or Flatly.

Lastly, for more convenience of daily carry, we also manufacture wireless charger stand with foldable or detachable feature. These charging stand are easy to put into your hand bag like carry a charger pad. Don't forget, besides regular ABS plastic, we can also use new materials, be sure have a look at our Bamboo Wireless Charger & Eco Friendly Wireless Charger. Below list our collection of Wireless Charging Stand models, we welcome OEM / ODM orders.

Wireless Charger Stand Manufacturer in China

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Wireless Charger Stand Supplier




Wireless Charging Stand Manufacturer

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Wireless Charging Stand Factory

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Foldable Wireless Charger Stand Manufacturer in China




Foldable Wireless Charger Manufacturer

Wireless Charger Stand Factory in China

Wireless Charging Stand Manufacturer




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Wireless Charger Stand Supplier

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WCS-125 Fabric Version

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WCS-102 Bamboo

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