Why Wireless Charger Is Much More Expensive Now ?

Wireless Charger is more and more expensive now. You may heard of the shortage of electronics IC, but may not notice it can be such severe situation. The wireless charging industry is lacking of IC, not little, but super shortage. Even the IC is very expensive now compared with before, it is still very difficult to have the abundant stock.

Wireless Charger IC

TopWirelessCharger has been a professional wireless charger manufacturer since 2015, during our 6 years experience in the industry, we have never seen this kind of tough situaiton before. Right now, we can only quote for the price for wireless charger based on 5 days validity because very likely 5 days later, the IC will be not longer available from the same source or we need to pay higher price to get the IC. The price goes up day by day, definitely… Each day, the IC can be different price.

Wireless Chargger IC

Here are some reasons why the IC is of such shortage and why wireless charger is more expensive to produced now ?

1) The raw material to make the IC – Silicon Wafer is under heavy shortage.
TaiWan produce nearly 70% of the Silicon Wafer for the whole world electronics industry. Due to Cov-19 impact, shortage of water and electricity, TaiWan company making the IC material is under suffering. All these reason have lead to big loss of IC production.

2) Because of the same reason, Covid-19, people are more used to working from home, requirement for the electornics device has really boom up. One side is the shortage of supply, the other side is higher requirement, finally make the IC more shortage in the market.

3) Under the difficult situation, IC raw material manufacturer is trying to keep the supply for bigger, more profitable cakes. We see much higher requirement from Car Industry, PC Industry, etc. IC material supplier tend to ensure these IC supply firstly for them, making more severe shortage for the wireless charging IC production.

Wireless Charger IC

Even IC is more expensive, and it is more costly, we are more worried, as the situation move on, we may have no IC to keep order running in coming monthes. As the industry expect, this tough situation may only be better in 2022.