Wireless Charging Module

With the Wireless Charging feature becoming a basic function for most smart phone, more and more company consider including Wireless Charging Module within their products, either it is LED Lamp, Speaker, Alarm Clock, Furnitures or any other daily life items. TopWirelessCharger are the old player in the wireless charging industry since 2015, we designed a lot PCBA Module for our own products need or for our clients' ODM orders. Either it is Single Wireless Charging PCBA, Dual Coils Wireless Charger Module for Stand, Duo Wireless Charging Solution or even Trio Charger PCBA, we are ready for them. You can check our existing Wireless Chargers or just talk with us for your idea. We welcome any ODM orders.

5W Wireless Charging Module

Single Coil Wireless Charging Module

iWatch Wireless Charging Module

PCBA-Single Coil 5W

PCBA-Single Coil 10W/15W

PCBA-iWatch Charging 2.5W

15W Wireless Charging Module

Dual Coil Wireless Charging Module

Wireless Car Charger Module

PCBA-Magsafe 15W

PCBA-Dual Coil For Stand 10W/15W

PCBA-Auto Wireless Charging Triple Coils 15W

Duo Wireless Charging Module

Trio Wireless Charger PCBA

PCBA-Dual Device Charging 10W+10W/10W+5W

PCBA-Multi Device Charging 10W+5W+2.5W

Package Means Everything

When it comes to the Wireless Charging PCBA, package means everything especially for the long distance cross boarder shipment. We are very familiar with PCBA package. Strong EVA or Polyfoam with suitable space to fit 5X or 10X of ready made PCBA module, is the first step. Outside of EVA or Polyfoam we use 3 Layer innner cartons. From exterior, we load inner cartons into 5 Layer strong export cartons. This is strong enough to tolerate handling during Sea or Air Shipping. Further more, TopWirelessCharger test PCBA 1pc by 1pc, we make sure before shipping, every PCBA is working with right function. Our customer service are the final backup protection for you, in case any single pcs PCBA have any problem, although it is very rare, we are along with you to make it easy to develop any new product with our PCBA module. Contact Us today and see how we develop your needed PCBA !

PCBA Package