PVC Cartoon Wireless Charger

PVC is short for Poly Vinyl Chloride, it's kind of material belongs to plastic. Compared with ABS plastic, PVC Materials are more soft and easy to make different type of craft. Due to this reason, PVC materials are commonly used for Cartoon Figures, with rich designs and colors. Unlike ABS which have higher hardness and need expensive mold for production, PVC is more easier to shape as the needed housing case. Following are the advantage of PVC Cartoon Wireless Chargers,

Trio Wireless Charger Pad

  • Small Investment From a Simple Mold - Molding cost only about 400 USD per model, while ABS plastic can easily take 4000 USD
  • Rich Color and Diverse Design - Production from PVC Materials can be more flexible, you can design many shapes and colors
  • More Comfortable Feeling - It's more soft than ABS and have comfortable feeling

Below is some of the PVC Cartoon Wireless Chargers samples, we welcome any of your OEM ODM Production. Contact us and let's talk !

Cartoon Wireless Charger

Line Cartoon PVC Wireless Charger

PVC Wireless Charger

Dual Wireless Charger Pad