Power Bank Wireless Charger

Power Bank Wireless Charger combines great feature of both wireless charging and power pack, keep wireless charging no matter where you go. Evolve from the initial flat wireless charging area, then with suction units, finally the Magnetic has become the most practical structure. So the smart phone can always stay in the right position why wireless power is on the transit. Based on the Li-Battery capacity, we produce 5W normal speed wireless charger and 10W or 15W fast wireless charging, in case Li-battery volume are big enough. The typical Voltage of Li-Battery Cell is 3.7V, to make it possible to drive up the 10W or 15W Wireless Charging, a Lifting Power Circuit is required to achieve the needed QC 9V or even 12V Power Source, this will need much big space for the PCBA board. Adding the thick Li-Battery Cell, the fast wireless charging power bank are usually thicker and bigger size.

We offer regular CE, Rohs, FCC for most of our Power Bank Wireless Charger. Further more we have UN.38.3, MSDS, Sea Shipping & Air Shipping Indentification & Classification Reports. Check below our collection of Power Bank Charger, we welcome any of your OEM / ODM Wireless Charger orders.

Power Bank Wireless Charger

Suction Power Bank Wireless Charger

Magsafe Power Bank Wireless Charger




Magsafe Power Bank Charger

Power Bank Wireless Charger

10000mAh Magsafe Power Bank




Magsafe Wireless Charger Battery Pack

Magsafe Battery Pack

Magsafe Power Bank Wireless Charger