Top 10 Smart Phone Wireless Charger Manufacturer In China – Sep. 2022

Wireless Chargers emerged dating back to 2012 when Nokia firstly introduced its flagship smart phone model - Lumia 920 into the market. Since then, Google, Sumsang, Apple gradually lunched its Wireless Charging Smart Phone models. With more and more smart phone supports Wireless Charging, the corresponding accessories have becoming familiar to the people. So now who is the major Wireless Charger Manufacturerer in China ? Here is the major list.

HuaWei Company


HuaWei company is the giant technology group, specialized in 5G, AI, Cloud, Devices etc. With HuaWei entering Consumer Electronics field, HuaWei rapidlly becoms the top brand for smart phones and different types of accessories. HuaWei is definitely the prominate Wireless Charger manufacturer, sellings hundreds of million Wireless Chargers both locally and aboard.

XiaoMi Logo


XiaoMi is the major smart phone brand, competing Apple & Sumsung. XiaoMi had its first Wireless Charging Smart Phone - Mix 2S released to the market in 2018. Shortly XiaoMi introduced its own brand Wireless Charger in the same year. There are a few models of XiaoMi Wireless Chargers available, with its innovation in power delivery up to 30W, 40W or even 50W. XiaoMi build up its network around the world selling variety of accessories, accordingly, XiaoMi become volume Wireless Charger Manufacturer.



Mophie is the major brand accessories supplier, designing their products for Apple users. Especially focus on Mobile Power section for the past 10 years. Mophie is now the Top Brand for power pack and related charger products. As more and more iPhone supports Wireless Charging, Mophie introduce their variety of Wireless Chargers, mostly using only MFI ( Made For iPhone), or MFM( Made For Magsafe) components.


Belkin Corporation is the leading accessory supplier from US. In 2018, Belkin was acquired at value 866 Million USD by Foxconn, the famous manufacturer for big brand like Apple, etc. Belkin provide full lines of accessory for personal PC, Smartphone devices. In 2021, Belkin introduced its 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Station, which is quite similar to Apple cancelled product - Apple Airpower.


Samsung is founded in 1938 from South Korea, and now the world renowned international company. Samsung is the early company which use Wireless Charging technology within its Galaxy S6 smart phone. Since then, Wireless Charging bas been the basic feature for its later released smart phone models. Sumsung produce variery of Wireless Chargers, single pad, duo charger and trio charger.


Anker is a Chinese Brand accrssory manufacturer, found in 2011 by Mr. Yang in his hometown - ChangSha City, HuNan, China. Mr. Yang was a previous Google Senior Engineer, who start Anker after he decide to turn over the image of Low Quality made-in-china products. Anker firstly start its business by selling Power Bank on Amazon, and very quickly it develop into volume seller and a Top Brand for charging accessory. Anker products includes Power Adaptor, USB Cable, Wireless Charger, Power Bank, etc.


Bull was firstly famous for its socket product, with its foundation back to 1995. It is said that, now within every 10 family in China, 7 of them use Bull Brand socket. Bull wins lots of national quality awards.In recent years, Bull expand their business to includes LED, Charging Accessory product. Every soon, Bull are volume manufacture for Wireless Chargers.



Baseus is a Chinese brand for large number of mobile accessories. Founded in 2011, Baseus firstly selling private designed Phone Case, USB Cables, Power Bank into the market with its own brand. Development is really fast, Baseus right now have more than 600 real physical brand shop across the world and covers variety of products, including Chargers, Audio, Connectors, etc.


Ugreen is the other brand manufacture, quite similar to Baseus. Found in 2012, Ugreen firstly sell its brand accessory across major Chinese platform - TaoBao, JD, etc. Later, Ugreen expand its business into global via Amazon, Ebay. Up to now, Ugreen's category covers Flash Disk, Earbuds, Charger, and other PC / Mobile accessory. Besides online sales, Ugreen also have brand shop opened both China and overseas.



Nanfu is a famous Dry Battery Manufacuturer since 1988. Up to now, Nanfu solely covers 80% of Chinese Dry Battery market share, totally the giant player. Nanfu expand its business into Consumer Electronics in 2019. Rigth now Nanfu productions includes Charing Cable, Wireless Charger, Power Adaptor, etc.

Sum Up

From above we listed the major brand wireless charger manufacturers. Actually for many of them, they does not directly produce these Wireless Charger by themself. With its brand influence, these company usually outsource some Professional Wireless Charger Manufacturer, like TopWirelessCharger and other major factory who are very focused in just one single field. Professionalism create values, we totally believe in this. So once you would like to build your own produce line, pls contact and let's these professional manufacturer help it out for you !