TOVYS-WPC-Q5 10W Wireless Charge Module & Mass Production Charger

We are glad to introduce this new TOVYS-WPC-Q5 high quality 10W Wireless Charging Module PCBA for one of our EU clients. Based on the requirement of updating standard 5W wireless charging, we make it into 10W Wireless Charging Module, under the same classic round housing case. See following photos for more photos of this TOVYS-WPC-Q5 Wireless Charging Module and its mass production chargers.

Client use a custom made Orange color for the silicone ring, and ask for Rubber Oil coating for the charger case. With all these efforts, we are finally making this standard round wireless charger into some high end, great feeling 10W wireless charger. With fast charging speed, and better controlled working temperature. Clients are happy with the products, and have made repeat order since 1st manufacture.

This TOVYS-WPC-Q5 wireless charging module is made from SOC (System On Chip) solution parts, being able to pass WPC Qi Certificate, and we also prepared free CE, Rohs certificate and test reports for our client. This TOVYS-WPC-Q5 wireless charger module is just one of the many wireless charging modules we have developed. We welcome any of your enquiry for Custom Made Wireless Charging Modeule, and further more, TopWirelessCharger are able to supply highly customized wireless chargers, both it PCBA Module and final consumer electronics products.

Check following more gallary of this beautifully made TOVYS-WPC-Q5 PCBA module and the final products. More of our TopWirelessCharger products collections, pls check here. We welcome any of your comments or feedback. Thanks !

Final Remarks: Due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, our HongKong Electornics show in April has been totally cancelled, and the upcoming October show in HongKong is still pending. We hope the pandemic will be totally controlled sooner, and we are eager to present some of our new Wireless Charger products and Wireless Charging Module with our new and old clients. To see more of our products, pls visit our GlobalSources Member Website. Thank you !

(For client’ pivacy, we already hide the website and model number on the bottom side silk print)