Confirmed – Wireless Charging With Coming Iphone 8 !!!!

New leak directly from Apple confirms wireless charging in the iPhone 8

Unsurprisingly, the next revelation is that there’s wireless charging coming to the iPhone 8, which is also we’ve been hearing for a few months now. Posted on Reddit,the following image of code in the HomePod’s firmware indicates that the iPhone 8 is getting inductive charging.

Iphone 8 Wireless Charging

Furthermore, the software suggests the phone will also support fast charging — that’s right, rumors mentioned this much-needed and long-overdue battery features also. The code doesn’t mention the iPhone 8 by name, but it doesn’t have to. It unlikely that Apple would write lines of code that enable wireless charging on iOS devices if the next-gen iPhone doesn’t support the feature.

Wireless Charging For Iphone 8

Wireless Charging For Iphone 8

In case you were wondering, rumors also say Apple’s iPhone 7s models will support wireless charging. But some reports say that Apple may enable the feature at some point after the new iPhones launch, since the company’s wireless charging accessory may be delayed.