Qi Certified Wireless Charger From Top Wireless Charger

TopWirelessCharger is member of WPC organization, WPC short for Wireless Power Consortium. We are professional wireless charger manufacturer and we are glad to have our first Qi Certified Wireless Charger, with model number FWC-036. Following you can see a screen cut from WPC website, which listed our Wireless Charger With Qi Certificate.

Qi Certified Wireless Charger

Qi Certified Wireless Charger are largely safer compare with un-certified wireless charger. It has better compatibility with Qi standard device, also works great, charge faster, and arouse less heat during its charging process. During the wireless charging process, a good control for the temperature is vital for wireless charging efficiency and safety of device. With more strict control from EU market place and other countries & regions, Qi Certified is becoming important.

You can click to see our first Certified Wireless Charger from WPC official website. Also for your convenience, below you can find our certificate with number of 4174. Top Wireless Charger, as a professional wireless charger manufacturer, will continue innovation and development, with more Qi Certified Wireless Charger listed in the coming future. You can also take a look at our full range of Wireless Charger. We welcome any of your enquiry. Thank you.

Qi Certified Wireless Charger 4174