Faster Wireless Charging With Iphone New IOS 11.2 Update

Recently Apple company just released its new ios 11.2 system update, a few bugs fixed along with some big changes:

1) New Apple Pay Case

2) 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging

Fast Wireless Charging Iphone

From the last iso system, the new iphone 2017 just support standard 5W wireless charging, while now with ios 11.2 update, Apple bump it up to 7.5W. This means the wireless charging speed will be significantly upgraded with 3rd party Fast Wireless Charging. TopWirelessCharger supply wide range of 10W fast wireless chargers. These chargers will speed up iphone 8, iphone 8+ and iphone x wireless charging. Check around our products and see what we have for fast wireless chargers.

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